Sunday, 20 April 2014

18.5lb springer on fly for David Jarvis

It was the perfect end of a great week for mr Jarvis ..just before lunch on saterday he hooked this magnificent 18.5lb springer on a 3/4inch golden gun fly in the marches and after nothing sort of a titanic battle was returned to continue on its Jarvis also lost a cracking fish in the flats on Friday and landed two great big kelts in finford head on Wednesday ..well done & c,mon the fish 

12.5lb springer for ken lister

A very happy ken lister with his 12.5lb springer caught at finford head on Friday afternoon.this was kens 3rd fish of the week !! Well done & c,mon the fish

Saturday, 5 April 2014

David Cameron 22lb in linn pool

David landed this sea liced belter yesterday afternoon after a small rise in the water levels. A small run of fish came in the pool and this fish was heading and tailing round the coiling water. Eventually it took a copper salmo. Well done David on getting your biggest salmon to date. Tight lines. 

Graeme Brooks 11lb fly caught fish from the Honey hole

Graeme landed this fish on Tuesday in the tail of the Honey hole. Well done and tight lines. 

Brothers Andy and David Chapman

Brothers Andy and David both struck silver in the Majors cast this week. David was first up landing this hard fighting 18lb fish on Wednesday on a vision. Andrew landed his 12lber on a kynoch. It wouldn't win a beauty pageant but its a salmon all the same.  Well done chaps and tight lines. 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

7lb springer for Stephen Wilson

Congratulations go to Stephen for landing our 100rth springer at taymount this season !! The wee belter was also Stephens 1st of the season !! Well done !! Keep it reeeeel & c,mon the fish !!

12lb springer for Andrew Spencer

A delighted Andrew with his hard fighting 12lb salmon on the fly from tams corner this morning !! Well done &C&G,mon the fish !!!!

8lb springer for Peter Chapman

A very happy peter ! With his 8lb & 2nd fish of the day !! Late in the afternoon from the tail of the wood side !! Well done  & c,mon the fish !!!

14lb springer for the major

Simon H C Marriott with 14lb springer from the top of the woodside !! The sea liced beauty put up a tremendous battle before finally being defeated by the major and return in a true sportsman like manner to fight another day !! Well done sir !! C,mon the fish !!!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Andrew Spencer 24lb fly caught springer

Andrew landed this cracking long tail liced fish in the green bank yesterday morning. A quiet fight burst into life when the fish screamed off line heading for fall at the top if the pool. The rest of the fight was above us as it powered around the fat water with ease. A lovely long fish which weighed in a good 24lb. Andy also landed a 11lb fish in tams corner after lunch. Well done Andy and tight lines.