Tuesday, 30 April 2013

9lb salmon for Andrew Wright

A very relaxed Andrew Wright with his 9 lb salmon from the linn head this afternoon on a vision 110..after a wee straightener as the fish attempted to leave the pool Andrew played and landed his fish with Tex book ease !!! Well done and c, mon the fish

13lb springer for Richard Bulgin

A much relieved Richard Bulgin with his 13lb salmon from the linn head on a 4"kynock...Richard suffered the agony of losing a fish of the same size at the net on Monday but was very happy to see this one in the net as the hook parted from the fishs chops ..well done Richard and c,mon the fish

9 & 10 lb springers for mr&mrs Roberts

This week was kicked of in fine style from mr & mrs Roberts !! 1st Mr (Phillip) hooked and landed his 9 lb sea lice beauty from stank end on a Salmo Toby!!! Then Mrs (Corine) landed her 10 lb absolute corker from Aldern stream on a vision 110.well done and c,mon the fish

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Alan Clarks second fish of the day

This is Alan's fish from Saturday afternoon. Completing his successful day Alan landed this fish at the wall on the majors cast. After taking a 3 inch kynoch it spent a lot of the fight cartwheeling out the water. A tremendous display from a very spirited salmon. Well done Alan and looking forward to fishing with you again in August.

10lb,der for Ron Mackie

Ron Mackie had the luck in tams corner on Saturday afternoon..Ron pictured here with son Thomas and his 10lb springer,then had to endure the heart break of witnessing Thomas losing 3 spring salmon at the net!! None of which were by default !! Shear frustration but a great day fighting salmon all the same.. Well done and c,mon the fish

8 & 10 lb,ders for Allan Clarke

It's was a great day on the river for Allan Clarke on Saturday !! Allan landed 2 salmon at 8 & 10 lbs the 1st at 8lb was in the morning  form the Root !! at finford head..well done big chap and c,mon the fish

8 & 10lb,ders for Gavin fae Irvine

It's was a day to remember for Gavin fae Irvine up in the flats on Thursday !! Gavin landed his first two springers at 8 & 10 lbs well done and c,mon the fish

7lb,der for jake mcgarrigle

Very very happy jake mcgarrigle with his wee 7lb beauty from finford head on thurs..this ones for jakes (old man) !!!! R I P...c,mon the fish

Thursday, 25 April 2013

21lb spring salmon for Roy swift

A delighted Roy Swift with the 21lb springer caught from the washing green on Tuesday morning.. The big sea liced fish took a 4inch kynock and to begin with had us thinking that we were stuck in the bottom!!!!!!!!!!  then the big fish nodded its head and moved !! and after a very laborious struggle was pictured and returned to continue on its way !!!well done Roy also congratulations for finally getting your first Tay spring salmon..most excellent and c,mon the fish.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

18lb springer for George McKinley

A very happy George McKinley with his 18lb spring salmon..the absolute pristine specimen was hooked on a vision oneten at the ministers stone and put up a tremendous battle and after a memorable photo was returned back to the river to continue on its way..George then just before lunch had another 10lb,der on a cheepoo Toby ..well done George ..fitting reward for all your help and hard work that is completely voluntary !!!!! up and down the river banks..many,many thanks George &c,mon the fish.

Monday, 15 April 2013

12lb springer on fly for mick mills

Mick mills got this mojo working again on Saturday afternoon ..mick hooked and landed his 12lb absolute belter on fly from an anchored boat and after a fantastic scrap on his 13ft B&W was released to continue on its way..well done mick & c,mon the fish

6lb spring salmon for Geoff Coats

Geoff Coats was very pleased on Saturday morning !! Not long after we set out on the river Geoff hook and landed his little 6lb,der on a yellow flying c at Tams Corner..well done Geoff &c,mon the fish

Friday, 12 April 2013

12 lb long tail licer for alf Vaisiy

Congratulations go to Alf vaisy !! Just as we had just about giving up for the day Alf hooked and landed his 12lb long tail sea liced spring salmon on a yellow flying c in the holy bush and after allowing us the courtesy of a memorable photograph was returned to the river in a true sportsman like manner ..well done & c,mon the fish !!!

7 & 9 lb Springers for Derek & Lewis ferguson

It was the perfect end to the mornings fishing for Jnr & Snr ferguson ..just before lunch Lewis landed his 9lb long tail sea liced and1st ever spring salmon on a husky jerk rapala then seconds after his very proud father Derek landed a superb 7lb at stank end harling !! Excellent ..and well done to you both..

Thursday, 11 April 2013

10lb springer on fly for Mick mills

After a five year wait !!! Mick finally got his mojo back at Taymount this afternoon!!!! Using his brand new 13ft Norway Spey caster he let out a huge yell as he lifted into his 10 lb spring belter..and after a rite good old tussle relaxed on the bank with a Cigar..well done Mick and c,mon the fish !!!

11lb springer for Scotland rugby star

A very happy Sean la mont with brother Rory and Geoff Coats and the 11. Lb springer landed at the sharks Finn on a salmon Toby..Sean a full Scottish international ruby player!! who  has faced the might of the all blacks !! Confessed he has never been so nervous!! But after a faultless performance with the spinging rod !!! was delighted to land the absolute beauty..well done Sean and good luck with the rest of your rugby career..

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

8 & 14 lb springers for Mike Muggleston and Walter Norton

Mike Muggleston is have a week to remember!! having already caught two Tay spring salmon yesterday fly fishing from the bank in stank end, mike hooked and landed this 8lb beauty from the boat on a Salmo Toby at the ministers stone then just before lunch Walter Norton hooked and landed his 14 lb belter again from the boat held on the oars at finford head on a yellow flying c...well done guys and c, mon the fish !!!!!!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

10lb springer for James McLaughlin

A vey happy James McLaughlin with his 10lb Tay spring caught in the majors cast last week on a Salmo Toby ..well done ..c, mon the fish

Friday, 5 April 2013

First ever salmon for Dave Millar

Congratulations go to Dave Miller for landing his first ever salmon today. The prize 10lb fish  took a harled vision 110 in stank end and put up a good battle. Well done again Dave and hope its just the first of many.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

3 fish on a beautiful spring day

We landed 3 cracking spring salmon today in what more like a spring day with beautiful sunshine and light winds. Andrew Spencer was successful first landing a lovely 10lb fish at McGregors stone. In the afternoon Graham Brooks landed a 11lb belter on the fly in the marches. There was another fish landed on a Toby late on and one lost near the boat in the morning. Long may the good weather and good fishing continue.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Paul Chisolm and his 11lb sea licer

Paul caught this cracking sea liced fish at Macgregors stone on a silver spoon this afternoon.