Saturday, 30 March 2013

9&10lb salmon for Dougal Hamilton and Dan Crawford

Dougal Hamilton landed this little 9lb sea liced belter on the fly in stank end 1st cast yesterday morning he also lost fish on this 3rd and 4th cast!!!!! then in afternoon Dan Crawford got his 10 lb salmon  from Kil mou on a silver Toby.well done to you both and another excellent days spring fishing at Taymount.

Friday, 29 March 2013

7&14lb springers for Brendan & bob Hugh's

It was double delight for Brendan and bob Hugh's in finford head today...Brendan landed his 7lb long tail sea licer just before lunch and then in the afternoon bob landed a stunning sea liced 14lb,der well done to you both..perfect result and only two rods on our beat today (!!!!!!!)

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Bob Hughes with 13lb fish from majors cast

Bob Hughs kicked of a good days fishing on much improved weather condisions with this 13lb sea liced spring salmon, the 1st of 2 fish he landed today was hooked on a salmo in the majors cast. Well done  Bob  !! great day again at Taymount. 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

10lb springer for Steve Marshall

A very happy Steve Marshall with Neil fernie and Steve,s 1st ever salmon..the 10lb spring belter took a white and yellow kynock in finford head and put up a very strong battle before being pictured and returned.well done and c,mon the fish !!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

7lb&12lb springers for John Murray & Brian Stobie

It's was a day of (Extreme weather ) again today ..but fortune favours the brave!!and today it was John Murray and Brian Stobie,s turn .. John landed and returned a little 7 lb belter from the majors cast and a short while after Brian had a very hard fighting 12lb,der from the linn head ..both fish were caught on a vision 110 ..Well done guys "Well done indeed"..

8lb springer for Eddie slavin

In extreme weather conditions Eddie Slaven landed this little 8lb spring beauty from Stank End late in the afternoon !! Danny Fullerton also had a 13lb sea licer from the same pool on the fly..well done to you both for sticking it out !! And just reward for your efforts..

Thursday, 21 March 2013

4 beauties today on lower Taymount

After a week of coloured water conditions and very cold weather it was a relief to be back on the scoreboard again today.!!!!! Just before lunch it really heated up with 3 fish landed in 30 mins. David Budd landed 2 cracking salmon, one at 13lb and one at 17lb. John Hutcheon landed a hard fighting 15lb fish then late In the afternoon a lovely 8lb fish was landed by Cohn..well done and great reward for your persistance in very adverce conditions.

Friday, 15 March 2013

1st ever spring salmon for Gavin potter

It truly was a day to remember for Gavin potter!! Celebrating his birthday fishing at Taymount Gavin caught his 1st ever spring salmon..the absolute stunning fish weighed 12lb and took a silver Salmo in the flats this afternoon it gave a reel screaming performance before allowing Gavin a picture to  remember forever!!then in a true sportsman like manner Gavin released his prized springer back to the river to continue on its way..congratulations also goes to Gavin's father Roddy who christened his new fly rod with a 10lb beauty from stank end !! Well done to you both!!& c,mon the fish !!!

15lb springer for Davie farmer

A very cheery Davie farmer about to release the 15lb springer he caught on a silver Toby this morning at the sharks Finn .well done Davie !! C,mon the >}}}}>

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Big!Big day caught on camera for Greig Thompson and Andy Richardson 16 &17 lb springers

It was a day to remember for Greig Thomson,Andy Richardson (Field2stream).Filming the next episode in there (Hooked UK) series on the River Tay today we managed to hook,land and return not one but two absolute pristine sea liced spring salmon . The 1st fish 16lb (pictured below) was caught on a vision 110 lure and put up a very impressive strong battle before being returned to continue on its way!!! Well done (Greig & Andy ) and thank you both for your much appreciated skill and effort with everyone at Taymount over the last couple of days.

Stunning 17lb long tailed licer for Greig Thomson

Greig capped a fantastic days fishing at Taymount today by landing this beautiful 17 lb long tailed licer. Hooked harling a vision 110 a long way above the linn head it smoked some serious drag and headed straight out of the Majors cast and into the Linn pool below. A very exciting capture and another cracking 3SW Tay spring salmon. It certainly got the adrenaline pumping. Well done and congratulations on completing a fantastic day filming and  sport.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

8&12lb springers for Alan McCaig

A very happy Alan with his two dugs and Tay spring salmon from the flats this morning!! Both fish took a vision 110 and were returned to the river in a very sportsman like manner!! Well done Alan !! A great day had by all..

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

23&7lb springers for bill Robbins

It's was a very justifying mornings fishing for Bill Robbins today..After the disappointment of losing a good fish 1st thing, Bill went on to land and return two absolute magnificent spring salmon the 1st was an impressive 23lb and without doubt one of the best salmon caught this year !!A true Tay springer of old!! Short and deep!!beautifully proportional and exceptionally muscular and the second a little belter at 7lb. both fish were carrying sea lice and put up incredible!! but different struggles.. .strong laborious !! And amazingly energetic ..The most perfect way to open your account for this season and quite fitting reward for all the tough decisions!! and hard work you do as our time share chairman !!well done bill and c,mon the fish

Monday, 11 March 2013

12 lb sea liced springer for Sandra Robbins

Sandra Robbins had great success this afternoon in the Aldern stream. After the disappointment of  losing a fish this morning. Sandra hooked and landed this lovely 12lb sea liced fish on a 3" kynoch from the same part of the stream..Well done Sandra and thankyou for getting the week off to such a good start.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Belting 16lb spring salmon landed by Dominic Handel

Dominic Handel landed his first ever spring salmon today at Taymount. Weighing in at 16lb it was one to remember. Hooked harling a 4" kynoch in the Aldern stream it battled well, testing numb hands and fingers. Well done Dominic for persevering in very cold and wet fishing conditions.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

12 lb cracker for Jeff Weighell

Jeff had some good sport this morning, hooking and landing this spring salmon on a silver/blue Toby at the burnmouth on the flats. He also landed a kelt and lost another fish soon after. Well done Jeff.

Monday, 4 March 2013

12lb springer for Paul Chisholm

A delighted Paul Chisholm with his 12lb springer ..the sea liced beauty was caught on a vision 110 just before lunch at the tail of Aldern stream and gave a terrific scrap before being safely returned to the river to continue on its way..Paul also lost another spring salmon in the afternoon as well as landing a kelt on the fly .. Well done big chap ..c, mon the fish..!!!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

12lb springer for John Collins

JC a.k.a (Tubby) and his 12lb (silver beauty) caught this afternoon at finford head..the long tail sea licer took at copper Salmo with Vengeance and put up an aggressive battle before being tamed photo,d and returned.!! Well done and c, mon the fish!!!

14lb springer for Angela Summerville

A very happy but exhausted Angela Summerville with les Hutchison and an 14lb springer caught this morning at the twin stones..the absolute pristine salmon was hooked on a vision 110 and put up a very impressive energetic fight before being netted, weighted , photo,d returned to continue on it way.A great end to a fantastic week that has saw Angela hook a play kelt after kelt..well done and thankyou for the optimistic persistence that without any doubt gave you finally such a perfect result