Saturday, 7 April 2012

Graham Brooks and his 18.5lb fish from the Aldern stream

A very pleased Graham Brooks with his 18.5lb salmon caught on the fly from the Aldren Stream today..having just lost a 10lb springer that took as he drew the fly back.Graham was relieved that the bigger fish stayed on !! after a great take and strong deep fight was safely released to continue on its way.well done to you sir!!not only for this magnificent fish but maximum effort and perserverance!!!!

Gordon Bisset and his 16lb fish from MacGregors stone

Gordon Bisset was "MegaChuffed" with his 16lb springer from macgregors stone today. the bar o siver took a 7cm rap and after a very energetic long range battle was landed and released to continue on its way.well done to you sir!!!.Another braw day the day!!

12lb long tailed licer for David Flack in Finford stream

David Flack landed this cracking 12lb springer in the Finford stream. The fish was absolutely  matted with long tailed  sea lice and took a copper/silver salmo. . Well done David on your great capture.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

7 and 9lb spring salmon for Tuomas Rytkonen in the "Marches"

A great days spring fishing was completed today by Tuomas Rytkonen from Finland. Armed with a floating line, an intermediate tip and single cascade Tuomas landed 2 cracking fish and lost another within an hour from the boat in the "Marches"this afternoon Well done Tuomas on your great captures.

Robert Curley with 12lb and 13lb fish from Willies stone

It was a day to remember for Robert Curley.Fishing a sink tip and size 7 flame thrower at Willies Stone Robert landed 2 springers weighing 12 & 13 lb .well done to you sir,fine mornings fishing indeed. 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Andrew Spencer 15lb spring Aldren Stream and11lb springer in Tam's corner

Andrew Spencer and his 2 springers from Tuesday and Wednesday at Aldren Stream and Tams Corner.both on the fly weighing 15 & 11 lb. well done to you sir,great effort in such adverse conditions.!!! 

Tony McCabe 12lb sea licer on a sunray

Tony McCabe and his 12lb sea licer caught on "Cohn,s sunray" monday afternoon at Els brig.congratulations on your first tay springer young man.