Friday, 20 July 2012

Charles Oliver with a beautiful 23lb salmon from the Aldern stream

Charlie Olver landed this beautiful fish last week. After a morning of tuition he managed to hook this fish from the boat on a size 6 cascade. After 25 mins and some mighty runs his prize was landed. A cracking 23lb hen fish. She was safely returned after a few photos. Well done Charlie and i hope this is just the first of many Tay salmon.

6lb grilse from red rocks on the fly

A nice little grilse landed in red rocks. The fish was taken on cone head cascade last week.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ladies day on Taymount

Ladies Day at Taymount complete with Butler.

Sandra Robbins fish on the fly from Tams corner

A very,very pleased Sandra Robbins with her 15lb long tail sea licer from tams corner on the fly!excellent fish to compliment your fine casting !! Well done.

Tony Stepney and his fish from Kil mou

Tony Stepney and his 14lb,der from Kill Mou on a 4" Kynock. Braw fish Tony!Well done.

Steve Vaner and his 16lber from the twin stones

St Huberts club 2nd fish of the week for Steve Vaner.The 16lb springer was caught and released on a 4" Kynock  at the twin stones.Well done Steve! fine ending to a Great Week.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Graham Brooks and his 18.5lb fish from the Aldern stream

A very pleased Graham Brooks with his 18.5lb salmon caught on the fly from the Aldren Stream today..having just lost a 10lb springer that took as he drew the fly back.Graham was relieved that the bigger fish stayed on !! after a great take and strong deep fight was safely released to continue on its way.well done to you sir!!not only for this magnificent fish but maximum effort and perserverance!!!!

Gordon Bisset and his 16lb fish from MacGregors stone

Gordon Bisset was "MegaChuffed" with his 16lb springer from macgregors stone today. the bar o siver took a 7cm rap and after a very energetic long range battle was landed and released to continue on its way.well done to you sir!!!.Another braw day the day!!

12lb long tailed licer for David Flack in Finford stream

David Flack landed this cracking 12lb springer in the Finford stream. The fish was absolutely  matted with long tailed  sea lice and took a copper/silver salmo. . Well done David on your great capture.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

7 and 9lb spring salmon for Tuomas Rytkonen in the "Marches"

A great days spring fishing was completed today by Tuomas Rytkonen from Finland. Armed with a floating line, an intermediate tip and single cascade Tuomas landed 2 cracking fish and lost another within an hour from the boat in the "Marches"this afternoon Well done Tuomas on your great captures.

Robert Curley with 12lb and 13lb fish from Willies stone

It was a day to remember for Robert Curley.Fishing a sink tip and size 7 flame thrower at Willies Stone Robert landed 2 springers weighing 12 & 13 lb .well done to you sir,fine mornings fishing indeed. 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Andrew Spencer 15lb spring Aldren Stream and11lb springer in Tam's corner

Andrew Spencer and his 2 springers from Tuesday and Wednesday at Aldren Stream and Tams Corner.both on the fly weighing 15 & 11 lb. well done to you sir,great effort in such adverse conditions.!!! 

Tony McCabe 12lb sea licer on a sunray

Tony McCabe and his 12lb sea licer caught on "Cohn,s sunray" monday afternoon at Els brig.congratulations on your first tay springer young man.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

28lb spring on fly for Danny Fullerton

Danny Fullerton had a day to remember with us on Saturday at Upper Taymount.  Setting of at 8.55am to spend the morning at "Stank End with his 15.9 guideline le cie fly rod. I urged Danny not to walk past the "Sharks Fin",as many Anglers do!! Taking this advice on board Danny started with a "short line" from the wee green croy and on his 3rd cast had a solid pull.lifting his rod, Danny a salmon fisher of great experience instantly new he had hooked something a bit bigger than the norm!! After a titanic battle that went on for over an hour he was rewarded with this "Magnificent"42inch salmon. The 28lb springer took 1" aluminium "Blue Angel"tied by Danny himself which is basically a black and yellow with a blue body on an IPS 7,10 foot sink tip "Congratulations Danny" I'm sure everyone who looks at this picture shall agree "An Awesome salmon to be caught on the flee".

Friday, 23 March 2012

14lb springer for Ian Kettles at finford head

Ian kettles and his 14lb salmon from finford head today.The long tail sea liced springer gave an awesome account of itself before being landed and returned .The wound in the pic above was most probably caused by a lamp ray..."Regardless" the fish recovered well a swam of as strong as the fight it gave !!! will it make it? or not!!!!I think it goes without saying  "BETTER"to have some chance in the "RIVER"as "NO CHANCE"in the "FREEZER".well done to you sir.

David Budd with a 14lb fish from the Holly Bush

David Budd holding his cracking 14lb springer hooked harling in the Holly Bush on a vision 110. The fish put up a terrific scrap. Well done David on landing your second fish of the week.

A short underwater video of the fish being returned

Shane Cooper 7lb from Tams corner

Shane Cooper and his 7lb spring salmon caught tams corner on a 4"kynock wednesday afternoon.The wee springer surprised us all with a balistic fight before being returned to continue on its way.well done to you sir!!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

John Hutcheon 16lb long tailed licer

John Hucheon with his 16lb salmon caught on Monday afternoon at the ring stone. The long tail sea licer took a 3"kynock and after a very steady fight was safely landed,weighed and after a quick photo!! returned to continue on its way.well done to you sir !!!

David Budd with his 12lb long tailed sea licer from the ring stone

The first of our brace from monday afternoon .The 12lb long tail sea liced springer also took a 3"knoch and gave David Budd  a proper work out before being returned at the ring stone.well done to you sir.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Ian Thorpe with his 7lb long tailed sea licer

A delighted Ian thorpe with his 7lb salmon caught today at finford head.The long tail sea licer took a vision 110  and ran straight out of the head into the stream below!! followed by our goodselves and the boat!!!and after a short!! but very spirited fight was landed,photo,d and returned.leaving us with the task of getting the boat back up the stream...After a good few attempts and cross referance it was decided that the best option was to put the another engine on the boat! not only  was this very exciting but extreamly successful taking us back up through the head like a rocket..yeeehaaa!!! well done and many thanks to all concerned.

15lb springer for Phillip Mann

A very tired but elated Phillip Mann with his 15lb salmon from the boomerang today..The sea liced springer took a 3"kynock and gave a extreamly powerful long range battle!!! then was quickly weighted,photo,d and returned to continue on its way..well done!great fish to start the week.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

11lb spring salmon for Malcolm Green

Malcom Green with his 2nd fish of the week!!The 11 lb springer took a toby salmo harling in the flats at "Willies Stone". well done on your great success so far this week.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

24lb springer for Malcolm Green in Aldern stream

Malcome Green with this 24lb springer from the Aldren stream.The magnificent specimen of a salmon took a vision 110 lure cast from the boat and after a very" Tense".."Monumental" battle was photographed, weighted and returned in the woodside today.well done to you sir!!! a spiffing job old chap.

Monday, 12 March 2012

13lb beauty for Rodger

This cracking spring salmon was Rodgers second for the day on Saturday. This fish fell to a harled vision 110 in the "Fir Trees". An hour earlier Rodger was playing and landing a 14lb fish in "Stank End". The afternoon also produced a fish for Rodgers son Robert also on the fly in "Stank End". A great day of spring fishing.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

17lb springer for Sandra Robbins in Tams Corner

A delighted Sandra Robbins with her 1st salmon of the season.The 17lb sea liced springer took a vision 110 and gave her new 9ft greys "christmas present" a great test !!with a very strong, long range fight before being safely landed, photo,d and returned at the boomerang today,well done to you madame!! a "Fantastic" fish to christen your new rod

8lb for Angela Sommerville in the Woodside

Smiles all round for Angela Summervilles "3rd"springer of the week!! The 8lb springer was hooked on a 4"kynock and gave a terrific fight with "turbo" speed runs and" mega" leaps in the air before being safely landed and returned at the tail of the woodside.well done to you madame.

13lb for Les Hutchinson

Cohn O'Dea with Les Hutchison,s 13lb sea liced "SPRING"salmon !!! The very hard fighting fish was caught on a 4"kynock from the top of the sands, in Aldrens stream.and after giving us all lots of excitment and a quick photo was safely returned..well done to you sir 

Kenny Scott 15lb springer

kenny scott with his 15lb springer.the sea liced beauty took a vision 110 and after a heart stopping battle was landed and returned in the boomerang today.well done to you sir!!and what a spectacular ending to the day!!!!

Friday, 2 March 2012

15lb beauty for Graeme Hutchison

Graeme Hutchison followed in the footsteps of his father Les today, by landing a beautiful fish in Red Rocks. The very energtic 15lb springer put up a tremendous battle with long powerful runs and violent head shakes, testing all our nerves. Well done landing such a cracking salmon, as your first Graeme.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

17lb springer for Les Hutchison

Mike at the moment of "RETURN"..I believe for the vast majority of us this is for sure "A VERY SPECIAL" part of such a magnificent fish!!!!!!!! well done to you sir.!!!C,mon the.. >))))))>..

"Happy Days" a delighted Les Hutchison with his superb sea liced 17lb springer caught today in the woodside on a vision 110  

16lb springer for Angela Sommerville

Angela Summerville and ghillie Mike Brown  with her 16lb "Bar o Silver" caught on a vision 110 at "Willies Stone" on tuesday.this was Angela's secound fish of the week and is again a new "Personal Best" for her!!! well done to you madame!! C,mon the >))))>  

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

12lb springer for jimmy gibson

A very happy Jimmy Gibson with his 12lb springer caught at Stank End today!!! The   "Absolute Bosker"  savaged a toby salmo on the poker rod and gave a "terrific" fight before being landed and returned!! the perfect compliment to a glorious day on the river..well done to you sir!!!   

Monday, 27 February 2012

15lb sea licer monday 27th feb

Harry crombie and daughter Angela with her 15lb springer caught harling the Linn Head today. The " Absolute Minter" !!  hooked with a vision 110 was persuaded to follow us up the pool and be safely landed and returned.Well done Angela!! A magnificent salmon and new personal best following your 1st ever springer weighting 14lb from the Linn Pool last season.. on the "Legendary"..... "Scar face"..... kynoch .Great start to the week!!! C,mon the >)))))>.

17 & 12 lb spring salmon sat25th feb

It was a very exciting afternon,s harling in the flats for Stewart Miller!!! Stewart started with a magnificent 17lb springer before rounding of a perfect afternoon with this 12lb beauty.Very well done to you sir!!!And great ending to a rather tuff week. 

Monday, 13 February 2012

16lb springer for Matt Voce from the Linn pool

Matthew Voce playing his salmon in the linn pool from the needle. the fish was hooked on a vision 110 lure and after a short battle made an allmighty run and headed out of the pool, with line disappearing from the reel our only option is to give pursuit to burnmouth the beat below..


After much excitement and great team effort!!! the very hard fighting and energetic fish is netted

The "prize"!!  his first ever spring salmon. A cracking sea liced 16lber.Well done matt!!! lets hope its the first of many

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

17lb springer from Linn pool today

Edward McLellan  with a 17lb bar of silver caught on a salmo in the Linn pool today. Ed was also very unlucky on Monday when he was broken by a spring fish in the same pool. Well done to you sir!!! a fitting reward for all your hard work.